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    You Are Your Habits: The 4 Habits Winners Master

    Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” In this talk, André discusses how your habits make you and explains how you can lead, win, and flourish by redefining you habits. Whether your group includes managers, salespeople, or staff members, they’ll be thoroughly engaged as André explores this topic by focusing on four categories:

    The Get Going Habit

    The Keep Going Habit

    The Get Ahead Habit

    The Stay Ahead Habit

    During this session, André makes the point that applying success ideas is far more difficult than understanding them. And being able to see where you really are is enormously difficult for a large number of people. There’s a gap between what we want and the behavior we engage in. Sadly, we don’t see it.

    What we do and what happens to us is a reflection of the habits we’ve formed – even when we think it’s all about the other person’s behavior. André explains habits not as something you do, but something you are which attracts certain responses in others. He challenges you to achieve more and by becoming more. How creative could we be? How much more effective could we be? How can we overcome the same problems with people and process that continually crop up? This talk will help your group reshape their results and experiences as they break free of habits that do not help them.

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