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    From the desk of André Taylor

    It’s a fact: Some people are succeeding, reaching their goals, and making more money than ever before. What do they know? What are they doing? Will you be one of them? 

    Become a member of 
    André Taylor’s Winners Express Club and begin winning right now, faster and easier than you ever imagined.

    Dear Friend:

    Do you know what the biggest challenge is, in improving your life? It’s not learning what to do, but rather it’s taking the right action, consistently.

    There are lots of success ideas out there. Many of these insights will make you say, “WOW!” As one who dispenses these kind of ideas, I’m always thrilled at the reaction I receive to my work. I’m excited when I can provide the answer you’re looking for.  But much of what you learn when you read books such as mine, attend my events, and engage in changing your approach to life is not hard to grasp. What’s difficult is reminding yourself of these solutions when you need them and applying what you’ve learned in a big way. That’s because we’re in a constant tug-of-war to unlearn certain modes of behavior and begin new winning patterns.

    The average person has difficulty maintaining positive awareness and a consistent focus on what they want. If that’s you I know what you’re going through. That’s why I’ve developed my Winners Express Club, to help get you on the fast track and keep you there, moving at top speed, until you reach your destination.

    I find what people really need today are consistent insights from someone with plenty of experience to share. There’s a flood of information all around us today, but much of it isn’t that useful because it lacks depth and hasn’t been tested by experience. My Winners Express Club is an affordable way for you to stay connected to me, get the ongoing insights you need, and maintain a high intensity, laser-like focus on your goals over the long haul.

    For less than the price of a latte from your favorite coffee shop each day, you can join my Winners Express Club and receive a powerful package of insight and information each month, delivered to your door, to help you win in bigger ways.

    Each month my Winner Express Club members receive a package that includes an audio CD with my latest tips on fulfilling your potential, such as strategies to make more money, build a fulfilling career and live a more prosperous life. When you become a member, you’ll also receive my Winners Express Club Newsletter filled with original ideas to help you create the life you want.

     And when you join today you’ll also receive over $70 in bonuses including…

    1. In the Express Lane, a special audio program and workbook with details on how you can move faster toward your goals. Value: $49.95
    2. A copy of my pocket book, “Winning Ideas” with over 200 easy-to-digest ideas you can apply right away and keep with you, to begin winning more in life and your career. Value: $19.95
    3. And special exclusive offers for Winners Express Club members.Value: Priceless!

    One of my favorite poets, Langston Hughes said: “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” No words do a better job of making the point why developing a new level of focus – a focus on winning is so important for you.

    So, let me summarize my offer:

    Join my Winners Express Club and receive the 3 bonuses in this letter with your membership. I’ll bill you just $57 a month and immediately put two bonuses in the mail to you. Each month you’ll receive my Winners Express Club package which includes an audio CD and my newsletter to guide you in succeeding in bigger ways.  I just ask that you stay onboard for at least 3 months so you can see how valuable this program is to your future. But frankly, if this package doesn’t meet your needs you can cancel at any time and keep the bonuses as my gift to you.  I look forward to serving you as a member of my Winners Express Club. To begin your membership, click here: