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    Momentum - Audio CD

    If you need to get going and keep going in a big way, this is the audio for you. In it, you’ll learn how to develop and sustain momentum to achieve your aims.

    The most challenging task for high-potential individuals, professionals and business owners is creating, building, and sustaining momentum. Momentum is continuous, forward movement and requires a wide range of skills to initiate and maintain. While not easy, momentum is the unquestionable source of high-performance, high-income, market confidence, increased revenues, healthy profits, and big opportunities. If you can’t create momentum you cannot define yourself, your career or your business a success.  Get this audio and learn how to:

    • Narrow your “window of decision and action.”
    • Stop second-guessing and over-thinking.
    • See and take your next step
    • Engage others to help you build and sustain momentum.
    • Be daring.
    • Employ the principle of Escalating Successes- Build on what you did yesterday.
    • Maintain winning patterns and stop losing patterns.
    • Raise the bar on your goals and performance.
    • Consciously focus on breaking through “ceilings.”
    • Renew your commitment, passion, and focus.
    • Take on new, expanded projects consistent with your objectives.
    • Establish new partnerships and relationships.



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