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    Effective Management Series – 14-Book Collection

    As an entrepreneur or leader of an entrepreneurial company, we know your biggest challenge is managing your people for greater results. If your people are mediocre, your business is mediocre. But how do you develop your team with the right skills? And how do you keep them performing at their highest levels?

    The solution? The Taylor Insight Effective Management Series -- a powerful collection of high-impact content on the most relevant professional development topics for your business. This is exactly what companies like yours need today to succeed.

    We’ve assembled the 14 most relevant topics to managers at growing companies in this collection. Each book explores the most effective strategies your managers can use to tackle the big management questions. We know your business could be much more successful if your managers were more effective. That’s why we developed a low-cost training solution to raise the level of performance of your team. Here’s what’s in the series: 

    1. Manage: What are the most important principles of effective people management to be aware of?
    2. Supervise: What’s essential for those unique managers on the front line who may also do the work they manage?
    3. Goals: What are the most important goals for managers to achieve individually, within their department, and for the business?
    4. Plan:  How do you look at your work strategically, identifying the right tactical approaches to reaching your goals?
    5. Execute: What steps are required to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently? 
    6. Prioritize: When you have multiple priorities how do you organize them and get them done?
    7. People: How do you work better with others and truly leverage the ideas and work of the people around you? 
    8. Motivate: How do you inspire others toward higher performance?
    9. Communicate: How do you get your point across in effective ways?
    10. Lead: How do you “step up” your performance and inspire others to do the same?
    11. Hire: What is the key to identifying, and bringing on the right people to do the job?
    12. Harmony: How do you keep peace, calm, and manage conflict at the work place?
    13. Service: What’s the key to treating customers well and keeping them coming back?
    14. Results: What mindset and action results in achieving the bottom line and getting it done?

    Until now most small company CEOs and entrepreneurial leaders had to compromise on building the skills of their people. No more. We’ve developed a cost-effective solution that addresses your training needs. Providing a set of these books to each of your managers is an affordable approach to developing their skills.

    You’ll love the impact these books will have on your business and your managers will love carrying these books around with them. With their sleek appearance and easy-to-read, 21tip format these sleek little books will have you, your team, and your business flourishing. The 14-book set is available in multiple quantities:

    1 Set – 14 Books


    3 Sets – 42 Books


    Sets – 70 Books


    10 Sets – 140 Books


    20 Sets – 280 Books


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