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    Confidence - Audio CD

    Are you a person with hopes and dreams that you do not act upon because of fear and doubt? Are you quietly lacking in confidence, not fully believing in yourself and your ideas? Do you find excuses  to not do what you desire, because you can’t deal with the feeling of  temporary failure or setbacks? Are you reluctant to describe yourself as smart, capable, and able to win? Or, can you verbalize this description of yourself, but not back it up with effort and results?

    If you can say, “yes,” to these questions, you probably need  work on your confidence. Many people suffer from a lack of confidence for a variety of reasons. It may be because you’re surrounded by intimidating people, have stumbled in your life or career, or have never given yourself credit for your good qualities. Perhaps you’ve been around people who are negative and critical of you or others.  This audio CD will help you improve your confidence by highlighting what it takes to:

    • Feel comfortable around confident people
    • Be willing to verbalize your opinion.
    • Stop changing your position because someone with a different position is louder, older, in a more senior position, richer, or intimidating in another way.
    • Believe in your potential for success even when things don’t look good or times are tough.
    • Be A Leader.
    • Accept constructive criticism.
    • Ask for what you want in all situations – and believe you deserve it.
    • Be able to share your emotions and not worry about embarrassment.
    • Work through periods where you are not reaching your goals or performing well but at the same time anticipate improvement and even mastery.



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