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    Create Momentum

    Many do not understand the role that momentum plays in success, and failure. Put simply, successful people become more successful due to momentum, and those who are failing, continue to fail due to momentum. It’s why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer – they build on existing momentum, doing more of the same. To get going in the direction you desire, you must stop the momentum going in the wrong direction – and get it going in the right direction.

    Momentum is very important in business. Many entrepreneurs spend lots of time not recognizing momentum patterns they’re creating or extending. Business markets move so quickly, particularly powered by today’s technology, that in 18-24 months you can find yourself working on issues and in patterns that are no longer relevant. Even worse, your competitors may have been working on the right things and you appear irrelevant to the market. That’s where understanding the fundamentals of the business are important. Are revenues increasing? Are we increasing the number of customers? Do we have a sizable and growing pipeline or pool from which to grow revenues and profits? These and other metrics are key momentum indicators.

    If you’re wondering if you should make certain moves, where you should put your energy, the foundational question is: where do you want more momentum? Whether you are selling, managing people, engaged in product innovation or any other endeavor, what matters is that you deliberately take steps toward creating the momentum (which leads to results) that you desire. Then, the objective is to get those modest successes, which begin to create patterns of success.

    As you create successes, you’ll recognize how to get the next one, and the next one, and soon it becomes easier. Your apprehension goes away, you’re not self-conscious – or worried about mistakes and outside perceptions. Things that would have slowed others down, don’t slow you down. And in time, you develop a pattern of results.

    How can you get more energy into your business? How can you start to see a more successful pattern emerging? You must get deliberate about it. To improve your business, your organization, or your sales territory, work on creating momentum, now.



    YOU: Important or Impostor?

    Each year there's a new surge of people and companies entering your field. To gain new customers and opportunities, these newbies present themselves as established and accomplished players. They don't have your experience but the problem is that some customers won't know the difference. Others won't care. If you're accomplished and experienced at what you do, you absolutely must stay on your toes to demonstrate to your prospects and customers what makes you different.  I wonder, however. Do you know what the key difference is that will separate you from an IMPOSTOR?

    It is this:

    Your work is IMPORTANT to your industry. The good thing for you is that IMPORTANCE is something you simply can't MICROWAVE.

    Rarely does someone start out in an industry doing work that's truly important to clients and to others in the industry. For the most part, impostors look at what others are doing and copy, package, talk, and appear like they're real contributors, but typically they present average or below average offerings. On occasion you’ll find an impostor that brings an original approach to what they’re doing, but even when their work is outstanding, they have a long way to go to get the attention of customers and industry movers and shakers who will recognize what they're delivering as IMPORTANT to the industry.

    One of the greatest advantages you have in your career or business is momentum. It takes time, focus, and diligence to develop true momentum. It is actually your momentum that enables you to beat imposters. So, work on making substantive contributions to your industry and to your customers. If you do this, your work will be important, you’ll continue gaining momentum, and you won't have to worry about all those impostors out there. In the final analysis, those customers and colleagues that matter WILL see the difference.

    Take a look at my YouTube video on the subject.