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    Why Not Me?

    One thing that has kept me going over the years, continually reaching toward greater opportunities, achievement, and success is pondering this simple question: "Why not me?" It’s a question that forces you to consider why it is others can enjoy certain levels of success while you settle for less. Do you ever challenge your own thinking?

    One key to a great and prosperous life is consistently challenging yourself to ask for more from life. Why not be the one that succeeds in that role? (whatever it is.) Why not be the one who lands the deal? Why not be the one that figures out how to build a business? Why not be the one who attracts the big money, lives in the great place, or does any number of other things that are available to us in this world? If you have difficulty selecting yourself for great things, you are accepting far less from life than you can and should enjoy.

    If you’re willing to challenge yourself with this question and decide that you can be, do, and have what you want, then you can begin experiencing more. It begins with mentally challenging yourself, thinking differently about your potential, feeling and acting differently, holding the vision, and expecting it. While there are some people who never question their ability to have more in life, some are conditioned to see great possibilities as something that others have – not them.

    Begin today, challenging your assumptions. Challenge those irritations that occur day-to-day. Challenge the relevance of rejection and setbacks. Put statements on your wall to see, on your desk, in your phone. Expect more from your life each day. If there is ever a question whether you can be, do, or have what you want, say “Yes!” to your desires and keep moving toward them. It is what those who reach premier level performance in their endeavors demand of themselves.